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Jeaks Music is a toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
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Jeaks Music

Jeaks Music is a toolbar for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This utility adds a button (Jeaks) to your web browser that will lead you to the Jeaks Music website. There you can perform Google searches and specific music searches (by artist, album, or song) that will take you into the Store, where you can buy songs, access the Free Music directory at MP3.COM, read a selection of news related to music, access audio codecs and file converters, and read top-100 charts (with links to iTunes).

In reality, the Free Radio and Feedback buttons do not work when installed to Internet Explorer 8. The main goal of this add-on is to make you buy songs, mainly from iTunes; however, you will not be able to play any commercial song, only the "Free Music" themes. Several links (like some in Audio Codecs) are dead, some sections contain no information at all (like Music Alerts) and some buttons simply do not work. The whole add-on does not show up in Firefox 3.5.5, though nothing warns you about that during the installation process.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • This add-on installs in Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5, but then it shows nothing
  • Some links are dead
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